Armenia aims to destabilize situation in region – political scientist

Armenia aims to undermine stability and create artificial tension in the region by firing at the Azerbaijani army’s positions, political scientist Ilgar Valizadeh told News.Az.

In recent days, illegal Armenian armed detachments in the territory of Azerbaijan, where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily stationed, as well as the Armenian armed forces, have been firing at the Azerbaijani army’s positions in various directions.

The political scientist noted that Russian peacekeepers should adequately react to the actions of illegal Armenian armed groups.

“Unfortunately, since over a year has passed the Second Karabakh War, the Armenian side continues its provocations, which pose a threat to lives of Azerbaijani servicemen and civilians. I think that decisive steps are needed for disarming these illegal armed groups,” he added.

Valizadeh underlined that the lack of decisive steps will be a major impediment to ensuring stability in the region and fully implementing the trilateral statement of November 10, 2020.


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