Armenia proved its racist policy based on ethnic discrimination - Western Azerbaijan Community

“It is known that Armenia faces a serious demographic crisis as a result of expulsion of Azerbaijanis, its unleashing a conflict with Azerbaijan and its self-imposed isolation in the region,” says a statement by Western Azerbaijan Community, reports.

“Recently, Armenia presented its demography strategy for 2023-2040 at the regional conference on demography held in Geneva.

The strategy once again proves the racist policy of the Armenian government based on ethnic discrimination. Thus, the issue of the return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia is not included in the strategy. The document refers to repatriation as a right and a goal that the state should promote only in relations to ethnic Armenians. The fact that a country facing a dire demographic crisis does not allow its lawful inhabitants to return to their homes because of ethnicity is an indication of its racist policy.

The Western Azerbaijan Community asserts that the remedy for Armenia's demographic challenges lies in establishing peace in the region and ensuring the right of return for Azerbaijanis who were expelled from Armenia. The community calls upon the Armenian government to actively embark on peace, abandon mono-ethnic policies, respect principles of coexistence founded on ethnic diversity, and guarantee the safe and dignified return of Azerbaijanis who were forcibly expelled from Armenia,” the statement notes.

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