Azerbaijan is ready to host the Ukraine-Russia meeting - Presidential aide

"Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkiye are making efforts to stop the war in Ukraine and achieve a ceasefire," Hikmet Hajiyev, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who participated in the Antalya Diplomatic Forum, told journalists, reports.

Mr. Hajiyev emphasized that holding a meeting of Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers with the mediation of Turkey within the Antalya Diplomatic Forum was a big step: “It was the greatest contribution to peace. We, for our part, appreciate it, and the international community appreciates it at a high level."

Hikmet Hajiyev also commented on Azerbaijan's hosting of the Ukraine-Russia meeting: "It was proposed by Ukraine. If there is such an intention, we are always ready to host it. The logic here is that Azerbaijan is neither a member of NATO nor the CSTO. Azerbaijan also chairs the Non-Aligned Movement. If offered, Azerbaijan is ready to support it. We see the crisis in Ukraine. The aid continues."

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