Azerbaijan MoD's Cybersecurity Operations Center has been commissioned (VIDEO)

Azerbaijan's Minister of Defense Colonel General Zakir Hasanov participated in the opening of the Cybersecurity Operations Center of the Main Department of Communications, Information Technologies and Cybersecurity of the Ministry of Defense on July 5, the Ministry of Defence told

The Chief of the Main Department, Major General Mammad Eminov, reported to the Minister of Defense about the operation of the center equipped with modern automatic control systems. It was noted that the center, equipped with the latest technological equipment, would ensure cybersecurity by continuous monitoring and control of the information and communication technologies environment of the Azerbaijan Army.

It was emphasized that the center, established with the consideration of the advanced practices of developed countries in the field of cybersecurity, would carry out continuous observation and management of information and communication technologies and command and control systems, timely detection of threats, digital investigations, electronic security checks, and other activities.

The Minister of Defense has set relevant tasks to the command staff regarding the further improvement of the measures taken in the field of cybersecurity in the Azerbaijan Army.

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