Azerbaijan pays attention to both sports and athletes, President says

"The state has created all the conditions and there are no obstacles to the development of sports. On the contrary, state support is always provided. But when it comes to mini-football, since it is a relatively new sport for us, so deserve credit for this success. I can't say that some special conditions have been created for mini-football players or that well-known specialists and coaches have been invited from abroad," said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as he received members of the Azerbaijan national minifootball team who won the European Championship in Slovakia, reports.

"None of this was the case. Therefore, your victory is worth a lot. You have won this victory yourself, of course, the federation and sports specialists, coaches and players – this is what I mean by a team. You have won this well-deserved victory with your hard work," said President Ilham Aliyev.

Head of state noted that Azerbaijan pays attention to both sports and athletes: "Athletes are always taken care of by the state, and this is natural. Because our victories in sports raise the international prestige of our country, but also promote a healthy lifestyle, and I think this is even more important. Because we all want the people of Azerbaijan to be healthy, and young people to go in for sports on a large scale. The state always pays great attention and takes care of the athletes, clubs and federations in order to expand the popularity of sports and achieve victories in it. I am sure that from now on our minifootball federation will be provided with the same care by the state."

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