Azerbaijan restricts poultry imports from certain countries

Restrictions have been imposed on imports of poultry products from a number of countries to Azerbaijan in connection with the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and avian influenza, the Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan (FSAA) said, reports.

The World Organization for Animal Health informs that an FMD outbreak was registered in Sidi Bouzid province in Tunisia, highly pathogenic avian influenza in Stefan Voda, Drochia, and Rezina districts in Moldova, in the administrative territory of Dolnoslask-Niederschlesien in Poland, and in Pennsylvania State (USA).

To safeguard the territory of Azerbaijan from these infectious diseases, by the "Terrestrial Animal Health Code," taking into account the principle of zoning, the import of products of animal origin from the mentioned territories and within a radius of 10 km from them is restricted.

This includes restrictions on the import and transit of pairs of hoofed animals (cattle, pigs, camels, etc.), as well as raw products, live poultry and hatching eggs, poultry meat, processed products of all types of poultry (except heat-treated products to ensure the elimination of the avian influenza virus), feed and feed additives for birds (except for feed and feed additives obtained by methods of plant origin and chemical and microbiological synthesis), equipment used for keeping, slaughtering, and processing of poultry meat,.

At the same time, to strengthen control measures, an appeal was sent to the State Customs Committee to take appropriate measures about vehicles arriving from these administrative-territorial units or transiting through the territory of the Republic.

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