Azerbaijan says steps taken by puppet regime in Garabagh have no legal validity whatsoever

“Only the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan form the legal basis for the expression of will through elections in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The puppet separatist regime is the consequence of the aggression and ethnic cleansing policy that continued for nearly 30 years. The steps taken by this regime to continue its existence due to the military, political, financial and other types of support of Armenia, have no legal validity whatsoever,” Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on the illegal activities named as “elections” by the puppet regime created by Armenia in the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan, News.Az reports. 

“The mentioned step is another element of the provocative and inflammatory activity of Armenia, which has deteriorated recently, and is a serious blow to the efforts of normalization in the region and reintegration of ethnic Armenian residents into the constitutional framework of the Republic of Azerbaijan,” the ministry noted.


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