Azerbaijan sends note of protest to Russia

In connection with the unacceptable statements of the Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications Oleg Matveychev on the air of the Armenian news agency "RUSARMINFO", the Embassy of Azerbaijan sent a note of protest to the Russian Foreign Ministry, reports.

The embassy has issued a statement in this regard.

The statement reads:

"It was highlighted that the deputy from the "United Russia" party's opinions against Azerbaijan and Türkiye are unacceptable, that they aim to destabilize the region, and that they are interpreted as an incitement of revanchist forces in Armenian society to rekindle the conflict left behind.

It was noted that the statements about "inciting the conflict by Azerbaijan" against the background of the reconstruction works being actively carried out in the liberated territories are nonsense.

It was stated that despite the heavy consequences of the 30-year occupation, it was Azerbaijan that first initiated the process of normalization of interstate relations with Armenia and continued to promote the peace agenda, which envisages the signing of a peace treaty based on the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty of the states.

The Azerbaijani side stated that such statements of the representative of the ruling party of Russia overshadow the mediation of Russia, which supports the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and makes efforts for the normalization of Azerbaijan-Armenia relations. Oleg Matveychev cannot be unaware of the Declaration on mutual cooperation of alliance signed between the two countries in February 2022, and his such statements are a violation of the provisions of that document. A deputy representing the ruling party must be responsible in his statements and be guided by the official position of the Russian Federation.

The interview of the deputy responsible for information policy in the Russian Parliament to the Armenian website, which is an information platform for attacks against Azerbaijan and incites inter-ethnic enmity in Russia, indicates that it has an ordered and imperative nature."

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