Azerbaijani ambassador to Russia appeals to compatriots

Azerbaijani Ambassador Polad Bulbuloglu appealed to his compatriots living in Russia, urging them to avoid going to the state border between the two countries amid the tense coronavirus situation, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry told News.Az.

“Due to the widespread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic around the world, most countries have temporarily closed their borders. Azerbaijan also suspended the entry and exit from its territory amid the coronavirus threat,” the diplomat said in his appeal.

He called on Azerbaijani citizens in Russia not to go to the border between the two countries.

“There are no proper conditions to wait at the state border. The border will not be opened by any request or under any pressure. After April 20, the government of Azerbaijan will decide whether to open the borders, taking into account the existing situation,” Bulbuloglu added.


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