Information campaign was held in New York against Armenia's military provocations against Azerbaijan

An information campaign was held against military provocations and the aggressive policy of Armenia against Azerbaijan in New York, reports citing State Committee on Work with Diaspora.

According to the State Committee, a car with an LED screen, which displayed Azerbaijani realities, moved around the Manhattan district, the historical center of the metropolis during the campaign.

The screen displayed such slogans as ‘Azerbaijan wants peace, Armenia wants war!’, ‘Armenia distorts facts, deceives international community!’, ‘Armenian mines are war crimes!’, ‘Armenia destroyed the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan in Armenia!’, ‘Armenian mines kill civilian population’ and images covering these topics.

The information campaign, which aimed to draw the attention of the urban public to the military provocations of Armenia, was organized by the Azerbaijani Women of America association and Azerbaijan Cultural Center in New York City, which are member organizations of the Azerbaijanis Coordination Council in America.

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