Azerbaijani MFA: Easy to predict consequences of destructive approach for Armenia

It is not difficult to predict the consequences of the destructive approach for Armenia, Leyla Abdullayeva, spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, said commenting on the opinion expressed by acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan at a briefing with the President of the European Council (EU) Charles Michel.

“This is another statement made by Pashinyan, full of lies and inventions,” the spokesperson said. "These absurd statements were made by the leader of the country, which has pursued a policy of aggression against Azerbaijan for almost 30 years, by occupying its territory and violating the fundamental rights of more than a million Azerbaijanis.”

“Continuing to make the territorial claims towards Azerbaijan, based on the dream of "Great Armenia", acting Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan appears to be trying to come up with a "justification" for his country's aggressive, destructive and uncompromising policy,” Abdullayeva said.

“We inform Pashinyan that as opposed to Armenia, Azerbaijan has not yet made territorial claims to any country,” the spokesperson said.

“Azerbaijan respects the territorial integrity of countries within their international borders and demands the same attitude towards itself," Abdullayeva said.

“The territory of modern Armenia in the national historical memory of the Azerbaijani people, where our compatriots lived as indigenous people, is called Western Azerbaijan, and as is known, during the 20th century, our compatriots were deported from this territory three times, last time in 1988,” Abdullayeva said.

“The Zangezur region and its division into eastern and western parts are also a historical reality,” the spokesperson said.

“The return of our compatriots to these territories is their most natural right,” Abdullayeva said. “These are not territorial claims, but the return of refugees to their houses, which has been envisaged by the tripartite statement signed on November 10, 2020.”

“As for Pashinyan's statements about "border tension, obstruction of the delimitation process", this is nothing more than his hypocrisy,” the spokesperson said. “Having ensured its territorial integrity, Azerbaijan eliminated the factor of occupation of its territories.”

“Azerbaijan expressed its readiness to normalize relations, begin the process of delimitation and demarcation based on the principles of international law and took practical steps in this sphere,” Abdullayeva said.

“In response, Armenia has taken a position of revanchism and is trying to aggravate the situation,” the spokesperson said. “It is not difficult to predict the consequences of such a destructive approach of Armenia, which it has been demonstrating for many years."


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