Azerbaijani MoD discloses length of new supply roads laid in difficult terrain

More than 1,191 km of new supply roads have been laid and more than 21,190 km of roads have been cleared of snow in Azerbaijan to ensure the safe and uninterrupted movement of convoys of vehicles and military equipment in difficult terrain, including rocky areas as a result of the interaction of Azerbaijan Army’s Engineering Troops with other state bodies, Defense Ministry told

According to the ministry, since early June this year, up to 55 km of existing supply roads have been improved and restored.

The main efforts are focused on de-mining settlements, sowing plots, roads, infrastructure facilities, as well as laying new supply roads in the liberated territories.

The necessary measures on engineering support are being continued in accordance with the plan.

Following the liberation of its lands [in the second Karabakh war], Azerbaijan from Nov. 2020 started carrying out operations on clearing its lands from mines, booby traps, and various weapons left behind by the Armenian troops.

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