Azerbaijani President: “Diri Baba” tomb is quite unique for entire Caucasus region

In an interview with the Azerbaijan Television in Basgal settlement on August 12, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev also talked about the reconstruction work carried out at the “Diri Baba” tomb in Gobustan district, reports.

The head of state mentioned that he had been familiarized with the work at the “Diri Baba” tomb and said: “Some time ago, I issued an order to restore this historical monument and establish tourism infrastructure around it. The “Diri Baba” tomb is quite unique for the entire Caucasus region. More than 500 years old, this tomb has been viewed as a holy site by the people of Azerbaijan for centuries. Of course, it is our duty to preserve this ancient historical monument, give it a new life and restore it. The conditions around it should also meet modern standards.”

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