Azerbaijani President: We have excellent relations with all countries of SPECA

“We have excellent relations with all countries of SPECA. We have a lot of investment projects now - Azerbaijani investments in Central Asia, Central Asian investments in Azerbaijan,” said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in an interview with Euronews channel, News.Az reports. 

“We have connectivity projects of the East-West Trans-Caspian transportation route, which for Central Asian countries is now one of the most attractive transportation connections with the Black Sea, with the Mediterranean and with Europe through the integrated connectivity projects. We see a lot of positive dynamics on the political track, because countries of SPECA in this difficult geopolitical situation today demonstrate stability. This is one of the most important factors. Because without stability, there is no investments, no economic development and no security. If you look at today's SPECA members, you will see that Central Asia and Azerbaijan is an area of geopolitical stability, though the risks are just next door. For countries of Central Asia, these risks are even higher than for Azerbaijan. So, this might be taken as an important factor of success of these countries,” the head of state underlined.


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