Azerbaijani serviceman: Armenian nurses laughed at our tortures

We were subjected to inhuman tortures, ensign Omar Alakbarov who was rescued from Armenian captivity said at today's press conference of the Azerbaijani State Commission on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons.

He said Armenians did not let the wounds of the captured soldiers heal.

"I was wounded in the leg. Instead of treating me, the Armenians shredded my wound down to the bone. When the Armenian nurses were giving me an injection, they were deliberately injecting under my skin, inserting the needle 15-20 times. I cried out in pain, and the nurses laughed, taking pleasure in my anguish. In the hospital, they didn't give us any food, only water so we wouldn't die."

"Then representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross met with us. I did not talk about the torture, fearing even more torture by the Armenians," Alekperov said.


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