Azerbaijan’s Combined Arms Army holds tactical-special exercise (VIDEO)

In accordance with the combat training plan of Azerbaijan’s Combined Arms Army for 2024, a tactical-special exercise on "Conducting combat operations in severe cold" was conducted, the Defense Ministry’s press service told News.Az.

At the tactical-special exercise conducted to improve the abilities and survival skills of military personnel while fulfilling combat tasks in severe cold, special forces performed various activities.

In the course of tactical actions, the special forces clarified the tasks on the map and accomplished the task on assaulting positions by penetrating into the rear of an imaginary enemy at nighttime.

During the exercise, the military personnel worked out actions on climbing steep cliffs and rappelling from the mountain, as well as evacuating the wounded from the rocks in extreme conditions.

Special forces units fulfilled the tasks on a sudden encounter with the enemy in a snowy and wooded area with difficult terrain in the enemy's depths, as well as on distancing from the enemy.

During the tactical-special exercise, actions on searching, providing first aid, and evacuating avalanche victims and persons missing in snowy areas were worked out.

All the goals set during the exercise aimed at improving the military personnel’s skills in skiing in snowy and frosty weather, as well as shooting in motion and motionless states were achieved.


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