Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry comments on allegations made by Armenian PM

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has commented on the allegations made by Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan at the press conference in the Czech Republic, reports.

“We strongly reject the absurd claims repeatedly made by Nikol Pashinyan, Prime Minister of Armenia in his speech at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic held on May 4 on the establishment of a border checkpoint on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border, as well as Azerbaijan’s alleged exacerbation the situation on the border with Armenia, and alleged creation of a humanitarian crisis in the Karabakh region.

Any comments on the establishment of the “Lachin” border checkpoint by Azerbaijan on its sovereign territory which Armenian residents have already begun to pass transparently in both directions, is unacceptable.

Armenia must stop interfering in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan and cease its aggressive policy pursued against Azerbaijan for many years.

Coming to the absurd views of the Prime Minister on "ethnic cleansing", it should be noted that instead of acknowledging the policy of cruel massacres and deportations against Azerbaijanis pursued throughout history and apologizing, him accusing Azerbaijan of such actions is an indicator of refusal to learn the lessons of history.

Such statements of Armenia during the ongoing negotiations on the peace treaty, do not serve the peace,” the ministry said.

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