Azerbaijan's MoD: A Weapons repair workshop is operating in one of the military units (VIDEO)

According to the relevant order of the Minister of Defense, one of the military units, established on the base of the “Bakı Qaz Tikinti Detal” (Baku Gas Construction Details) factory, specializes in overhauling tank and armored vehicles and rocket-artillery weapons, available in the armament of the Azerbaijan Army, during peacetime and wartime, reports citing Azerbaijan's Ministry of Defence.

During the repair, the technological order is observed and a guarantee for the engine, undercarriage, communications equipment and weapons is provided in the required order.

In the newly commissioned Weapons repair workshop operating as part of one of the military units, the repair of rocket-artillery weapons, their equipment, recoil device and other parts is carried out in accordance with the repair technology.

After repair in the workshop, all repaired weapons are checked by shooting range tests.

It should be noted that the military unit, where the new repair workshop was commissioned, has been operating since 1992.

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