Azerbaijan's success in fighting the coronavirus pandemic: EU impressed — ANALYSIS

The fight against the new coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for the world. The consequences of COVID-19 have affected not only the health of people but also the economies of many countries. Many were powerless in the face of such a serious challenge and still have not recovered, relying only on the help of developed and wealthy countries.

In such a situation, Azerbaijan was able to demonstrate its self-sufficiency: the number of infections in the country at the time of writing this article was only 69, and the number of those who recovered was 40. These results have been achieved through the right policy and consistent steps in the fight against the pandemic.

Immediately after the first cases of COVID-19 infection appeared in the country, a full mobilization to contain and control the pandemic was announced.  An enormous effort was made to reorganize medical facilities as hospitals for the infected, and all necessary restrictive measures were introduced. For example, major shopping malls and trading houses in the country opened just a month ago.

The vaccination policy in the country is also worth mentioning. It is generally declared voluntary, but the authorities of the country have taken a number of steps to make the citizens themselves interested in it. For example, from now on, only vaccinated or immunized citizens (i.e., those who have had an illness within the last six months) will be able to attend weddings and gyms. And in this, the citizens of the country saw a double benefit: an opportunity to return to their former routine life and to help the state fully defeat the pandemic through vaccination.

The consequences of the pandemic also threatened the economies of many countries around the world with complete collapse. Azerbaijan was able to show its best side in this matter as well. Several steps have been taken to protect the local businesses. During the periods of total lockdowns, the government of the country allocated financial assistance to the citizens in the form of compensation for their inability to work.  

The success of these steps to protect the economy from the severe consequences of the coronavirus is also evidenced by the calculations and observations of various international organizations and foundations.

The EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Oliver Varhelyi, who recently visited Azerbaijan, could not miss it. During a conversation with journalists, the European politician said that "Azerbaijan has achieved success in the fight against the pandemic COVID-19 and avoided serious economic consequences caused by the pandemic."

In general, this shows that the success of Azerbaijan in combating the pandemic has not gone unnoticed, foreign partners, in particular from the EU countries, very closely monitored the processes in this issue and now indicate the country as one of the best and exemplary countries in the fight against COVID-19.

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