Biographies of Pashinyan and his grandfather complement each other: political analyst

The latest information about the doubtful fate of the Armenian Prime Minister’s Nikol Pashinyan’s grandfather, the absence of any information in the Russian and Soviet archives about his service in any fronts, as well as the relevant data on the Memorial website, give sufficient reason to believe that Pashinyan’s grandfather was a collaborator, political analyst Ilgar Valizade told News.Az.

He noted that recently the Armenian leader has very often and zealously defended the Armenian legion in the ranks of Nazi Germany, in which his grandfather most likely served.

Valizade said that the Armenian leadership pursues a very contradictory policy, which indicates that they sympathize with the Armenian legion – accomplices of the Nazis.

“A striking example of this is the perpetuation of the memory of the leaders of the Armenian legion – Garegin Nzdeh and General Dro (Drastamat Kanayan). Taking a look at the ideology of the very Armenian legion where Pashinyan’s grandfather served, one can clearly see that it coincides with the ideology of the modern Armenian state. Here national identity is of paramount importance. We can say that the biographies of Pashinyan and his grandfather complement each other,” he added.

The political analyst also emphasized that the Armenian authorities are doing everything possible to whitewash these pages of their history.

“Sometimes they [Armenians] say that Nzhdeh once distinguished himself by serving in the Russian army and received various awards. The same thing can be said about Pashinyan’s grandfather. But this in some way does not justify the fact that they both served in the ranks of the Nazis. The absurd explanations and stupid arguments of the Armenian side are completely untenable,” Valizade added.


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