Book by Erdogan’s advisor on Armenian issue presented in Baku

The Azerbaijani translation of the two-volume book by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s advisor Dr. Seyit Sertcelik, titled “In the light of Russian and

Addressing a presentation ceremony, Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral said the work is of huge historical importance and noted that the work was prepared on the basis of Russian archives.

“This is one of the important works in terms of the Armenian issue. The author contends that the Armenian issue dates back to the further past, not the late 18th century,” the diplomat said. “Turkey and Azerbaijan have deeper understanding of the Armenian problem. It’s important to find the cause of the problem so that it would not happen again in the future.”

He noted that the book is going to be an important source to strengthen Turkey’s stance against Armenian claims.

“Armenian lies about Turks are spread all over the world. We aim to bring to the world community the truth about the Armenian issue, and the book is of great importance in this respect,” he said.

The diplomat went on to say: “The Armenian issue is not only limited to Anatolia or Azerbaijan, but covers the whole Turkish geography. The massacres committed by Armenians in Anatolia and Azerbaijan have the same essence. As we are one nation and two states, they also regarded us and acted against us as one nation. And we must fight together.”

Speaking at the event, Azerbaijani MP Ahliman Amiraslanov stressed the need for hard work in order to inform the world community about the Armenian vandalism.

He said that these books should be given to libraries so that the young generation can know the truth about history.

The book’s author, Seyit Sertcelik, said that he had studied PhD in Russia and had access to work in Russian archives.

“I have worked for 4 years in St. Petersburg and 4 years in Moscow. I have reviewed hundreds of thousands of documents. The Armenian issue is the problem of not only Turkey but Azerbaijan as well. The Armenian issue is a problem not only for Turkey, but for Azerbaijan as well,” he said.

The author noted that he is the first Turkish citizen to have access to Russian archives.

“The Armenian question is intended for the creation of an Armenian state on Turkish lands. The Armenian question was believed to have arisen after the Treaty of Berlin (1878). However, after studying this issue, I saw that it dates back to an earlier period,” Sertcelik said.

The author also pointed to historical facts proving that Armenians wanted to create a state in Iran. “In the 17th century, the Armenians of Iran increased in wealth on account of trade activities. In 1678, they sent an 8-men delegation to Vatican to meet the Pope. They said they could create an Armenian state within the borders of Iran with the help of European countries.”

He stressed that the main cause for the emergence of the Nagorno-Karabakh was the relocation of nearly 40,000 Armenians to this region after the Turkmenchay Treaty.

The book was translated into Azerbaijani with the financial support of Turkish Petroleum Overseas Company Ltd.

The books published in Turkey are intended for a wide range of readers and will be given to Azerbaijani officials, educational institutions (universities and schools), as well as other public institutions and organizations without any commercial purpose.  


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