Canadian government recognizes the Khojaly massacre as a terrible tragedy

The Canadian Foreign Ministry has responded to the petition on the Khojaly massacre which has been submitted to the Canadian Parliament, with the support of the Network of Azerbaijani Canadians (NAC), reports.

The response says that the Canadian government recognizes the Khojaly massacre as a terrible tragedy, that deeply saddens the victims and the ongoing suffering of the people. Canada has resolutely defended that the tragic loss of civilians like the Khojaly massacre will never be repeated: "Canada recognizes all UN Security Council resolutions on Karabakh and the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan within its internationally recognized borders. Canada encourages leadership-level dialogue on the establishment of bilateral mechanisms for the demarcation and delimitation of borders, as well as the implementation of important confidence-building measures such as the restoration of regional ties between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Canada welcomes the steps taken in this direction and continues to support the ongoing and future work of the OSCE Minsk Group."

The Canadian Foreign Ministry reports that it is holding regular dialogues with the Armenian and Azerbaijani authorities and the diaspora communities in Canada: "For example, a meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Azerbaijani Canadian Network (NAC) in December 2021, as well as meetings between the Canadian Ambassador and the community, and a meeting in November 2021 with the Canadian Ambassador to Armenia and the community."

It was noted that Canada will continue to support initiatives to bring peace and stability to the region and is ready to contribute to efforts in this direction.

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