Command-and-staff exercise underway in Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan

A command-and-staff exercise is underway in Nakhchivan, APA reports.

Military formations and units were woken up with an alarm signal in order to check their combat readiness. In a joint action by Nakhchivan’s Health Ministry, the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription, and the Separate Combined-Arms Army, military servicemen and ambulances from medical facilities were sent out to their destinations accordingly.

In order to improve military professionalism, military doctors of field hospitals gave instructive lessons to military servicemen. Nakhchivan’s Health Minister Niyazi Novruzov, head of the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription Sakhavat Salmanov, Deputy Defense Minister, Command of the Separate Combined-Arms Army Karam Mustafayev met military servicemen called to the exercise from medical facilities.

The command-and-staff continues.


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