Fees for entrance examinations in Azerbaijan to be regulated by state

The Cabinet Ministers of Azerbaijan has made changes in the "price list (tariffs) of the goods (works, services) regulated by the state," APA reports.

In accordance with the amendment, the prices of test exams in secondary special and higher education institutions are listed as state-regulated goods (works, services).

This is due to the fact that the Tariff (Price) Council has been given a new empowerment. According to the decree of President of Azerbaijan Republic on amendments to the decree on the establishment of a public legal entity "State examination Center" dated 11 April 11, 2016, the cost of participation in the test exams will be determined by the Tariff Council.

Starting this year, the State Examination Center will conduct test exams for secondary special and higher educational institutions on the undergraduate and graduate level, for the National Academy of Sciences on graduate level, as well as the admission on civil service according to tariffs determined by the Tariff Council.


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