France continues its colonial policy: Azerbaijani MP

The biased and anti-Azerbaijani statement issued by France’s Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs on April 11 regarding Armenia’s next military provocation against Azerbaijan in the conditional border area should be assessed as a continuation of France’s previous anti-Azerbaijani statements, Tural Ganjali, a member of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis, told News.Az reports.  

The lawmaker noted that such statements by France are not surprising.

“France has always demonstrated a pro-Armenian stance. Even if Azerbaijan’s position is stronger in the normalization process in the post-conflict period, France, by availing itself of Armenia’s actions, is striving to continue its presence in the South Caucasus,” he said.

MP Ganjali emphasized that France keeps focusing on creating and maintaining tension by taking advantage of Armenia’s military provocations, and Paris will always aim to blame Baku. 

“We have to be ready for this [France’s anti-Azerbaijani stance]. In my opinion, France cannot accept Azerbaijan’s victory in the Second Karabakh War. France is trying to intervene in the ongoing developments in the South Caucasus under various pretexts. France’s inappropriate participation in the post-conflict negotiations mediated by European Council President Charles Michel or this country’s intention to create tension in the conditional border area between Armenia and Azerbaijan under the guise of the EU mission can be examples of this,” he added.

The MP stressed that France needs to blame Armenia for its military provocations against Azerbaijan.

“Azerbaijan has not occupied anyone’s territory. Azerbaijan has repeatedly called for the acceleration of the border delimitation and demarcation process. However, it seems that France and the EU mission are pursuing different goals. They are intending to incite revanchist forces in Armenia. As is known, France is home to the largest Armenian diaspora, where the role of the radical Armenian segment keeps increasing,” he said.

France is the main homeland of the world's largest Armenian diaspora. France increases the role of the radical Armenian segment there," said the political scientist

Baku is not worried about the statement of France’s Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, said the lawmaker, adding: “Azerbaijan is a country that pursues an independent policy and always protects its red lines and interests. France’s pressure will fail.”

MP Ganjali emphasized that France still continues its colonial policy. “Since France cannot give up its colonial policy, it is re-implementing its colonial policy by sending the gendarmerie to the conventional border of Armenia under the guise of the EU mission, which mainly aims to serve France’s interests and make Armenian revanchists raise their heads again. Therefore, France shows political aggressiveness.”

As for the France-Iran alliance, the Azerbaijani MP said this unity was not formed by chance. He pointed out that this alliance is directed against the Azerbaijan-Türkiye unity and the Turkic world as a whole.

“All projects initiated by Azerbaijan are disapproved by the France-Iran-Armenia trio. However, this trio should not forget that Azerbaijan pursues an independent policy and has powerful allies – Türkiye and the Turkic world. France is irritated by them. Having lost its geopolitical power on a global scale, France intends to make maneuvers in the South Caucasus. But France will encounter Azerbaijan, Türkiye, and the Turkic world,” he concluded.


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