Lessons on organization of educational work with armed forces servicemen held in Azerbaijan

Methodical exercises were held with the participation of officers specializing in "Organization of Educational Work and Psychology", News.az reports via Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry.

The exercises were held according to the relevant order of the First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Representatives of the Department for Ideological Work and Moral-Psychological Support of the Main Department for Personnel held meetings on the organization of educational work in several military units.

In the meetings held with the officers, recommendations were given on improving the moral-psychological training of servicemen, studying the individual-psychological features of newly recruited conscripts, their adaptation to the service, maintaining the service safety and health, as well as strengthening military discipline.

During the meetings, the servicemen were provided with information on strengthening the material-technical base of the Azerbaijan Army, as well as on the work aimed at improving the social and living conditions of the servicemen.

Officers' duties and responsibilities in fulfilling relevant upcoming tasks were once again explained in detail.

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