Members of the Armenian criminal junta must stand trial in Khojaly, historian Kuznetsov says

The Armenian armed forces do not comply with the rules of warfare established by international humanitarian law.

Russian historian, author of the monograph "State policy of glorification of Nazism in Armenia" Oleg Kuznetsov expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az.

"The shelling of peaceful cities and civil infrastructure, the threat of tactical missile strikes against industrial facilities with a high environmental hazard is an integral part of the military policies of the Armenian leadership. From the standpoint of international law, it is a crime against humanity. Hitler's Nazis were brought before an international Nuremberg Tribunal for such crimes.  The documents of that tribunal are the cornerstone of the world order organization system."

He mentioned that today's crimes of the Armenian military junta are similar to those of the Nazis committed 75 years ago.

"That is why they must be tried at the international military tribunal. And I think that this tribunal should be held not in The Hague but in Khojaly. Because it is necessary to bring to justice all those who were involved in crimes against Azerbaijanis throughout the war," he concluded.


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