MFA: Azerbaijan requires investigation of crimes committed by Armenia

"Position of the Armenian side is denying crimes, committed by it against Azerbaijan," said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Elnur Mammadov at the joint briefing of the Prosecutor General's Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the crimes committed by Armenian armed forces and illegal Armenian armed groups against Azerbaijan since 1988 until today, reports.

Deputy FM has noted that Armenia's approach to the crimes it committed is related to the that it did not commit these crimes: "Certainly, Azerbaijan requires investigation this or that facts from international organizations. However, in attitude to Armenia, we do not see a similar position by the international organizations against Armenia's crimes. Witnessing such crimes as Khojaly and not reacting to them indicates double but also triple and quadruple standards. Azerbaijan takes its international obligations seriously. Unfortunately, we do not observe the same approach from the other side. The crimes of Armenia that have been going on for more than 30 years should be investigated and reacted to."

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