No need to worry about groundless statements on situation in S. Caucasus - political scientist

The anti-Azerbaijani statements by France and other Western countries have nothing to do with the desire of these countries to help Armenia and the Armenian residents of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region, Yuri Bocharov, an Israeli political scientist, told News.Az.

The political scientist noted that "lobbyists" serving Armenian interests in most cases make statements against the background of financial injections of their sponsors or changes in the policy of their state’s financial groups towards Azerbaijan.

Bocharov also recalled the corruption-related scandal in the EU: “In exchange for the money, EU Parliament VP Eva Kaili positively assessed the labor market in Qatar and appeared to insist that the World Cup be held there.”

He added that there are hundreds of lobby groups operating in the EU, which are ready to make any statement in exchange for the money. “Many politicians of the Western world have also demonstrated their treachery several times. Is it worth condemning them? After all, it's not their opinion, it's just what they do for salary,” the political scientist added.


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