Political scientist: Babayan has no significance, he's just a terrorist

Appointment of terrorist Samvel Babayan to the post of "head of national security" of the puppet regime in occupied Nagorno-Karabakh does not surprise anyone, head of Baku Club of Political Scientists, candidate of political sciences Zaur Mammadov told News.Az.

"Armenia has been showing itself as an aggressor for many years. We know that Babayan personally and very actively participated in terrorist acts of Armenia against the Azerbaijani population, particularly women and children, in Terter and other regions during the war in Nagorno-Karabakh. And in general, many in the leadership of Armenia and separatists were involved in terror against Azerbaijanis. The same Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharian personally participated in the Khojaly genocide. It's a normal thing for them, nothing surprising," he said.

According to the political scientist, Samvel Babayan has absolutely no significance: "He is nobody, he could just sit in Yerevan and sound some slogans against Azerbaijan. He is just a terrorist. And Azerbaijan can put Samvel Babayan and his similar terrorists in their place in the anti-terrorist operation to liberate its lands".


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