President Ilham Aliyev: We are the closest countries in the world

"We are the closest countries in the world and our countries have passed great tests together. Last year, the signing of the Joint Declaration between Turkiye and Azerbaijan in our ancient and historical city of Shusha raised our relations to the level of alliance. We are friends, brothers and now officially allies. This policy is the legacy of our ancestors, the will of our ancestors, and we are committed to this will,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he made a speech at the opening ceremony of the Rize-Artvin Airport, reports.

“While coming here by plane, watching these beautiful sights from the window and already seeing them firsthand here, I told my dear brother that this place looks like a paradise. The beautiful and charming nature of Rize, Artvin and the Black Sea region is a great wealth, but the greatest wealth is the people of this region – brave, patriotic, courageous people, the guardians of the Turkish Republic. Long live these people!” President Ilham Aliyev added.

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