Seminar organized for university students as part of MEDIAlab project (PHOTO)

As part of the MEDIAlab project, the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MEDIA) started to organize a series of seminars with the involvement of foreign experts in order to create conditions for the active participation of young people in the field of media, to stimulate their creative and innovative potential, to increase their theoretical knowledge based on foreign experience and to realize their application in local media and to carry out an exchange of experience in this direction, News.Az reports.

As part of the MEDIAlab project launched by the Media Development Agency in partnership with Baku State University, Azerbaijani University of Languages, Baku Slavic University and State Academy of Physical Education and Sports, Tatiana Ravalli, an international expert on communication, marketing and public relations, held the first seminar on the topic “Digital Storytelling: How to Use Multimedia Tools to Create Digital Content?” for young people who study journalism and are interested in journalism.

The seminar focused on topics such as the overall impact of the development of new information and communication technologies on the media environment, communication tools and forms in new media, content creation using digital tools and the actualization of social media as a source of information.

The seminar also featured interactive discussion sessions, and the participants’ questions were answered.

The Media Development Agency will continue implementing the project aimed at ensuring the gradual participation of young people studying journalism at various universities in a series of seminars attended by foreign experts.


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