US and France strive to maintain their ‘exploitative policies’ in the world: Political scientist

The United States is a country that still sticks to its historical imperialism and today, along with France, strives to maintain its exploitative policy in the world, Tural Ismayilov, an Azerbaijani political scientist, told News.Az.

According to the political scientist, the US seems to regard regional cooperation as a major impediment to its policy of exploitation.

The political scientist also condemned the attempts by the EU to strengthen the presence of its mission in Armenia.

“Such attempts by the EU aim to implement a possible ”Maidan” scenario in Armenia. The essence of the mandate of the Council of Europe civilian mission, which was first deployed to Armenia for a fixed period but their presence was prolonged indefinitely, is unknown,” he said.

Ismayilov stressed that until now, Armenia has not taken any practical steps regarding the agreements reached at the CoE-mediated meetings in Brussels.

He noted that France’s continued weaponization of Armenia and the US’ aggressive pro-Armenian policy provoke Yerevan to trigger another military escalation.

“Armenia keeps ignoring its obligations to Azerbaijan and trying to expand the West’s presence on its territories in order to create new sources of tension,” the political scientist added.


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