(Ad) Opportunities in Dubai during the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Football excitement at Anantara resorts 

The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup countdown has started. The grandiose sporting event is due to kick off in Qatar on November 20. Thousands of football fans from all over the world are eager to go to Qatar. Direct flight tickets to Doha have almost run out.

There is an alternative route – through Dubai – to visit Qatar for the tournament. It takes only 70 minutes to reach Qatar from Dubai. Movement along the route, traffic changes, and the road make people get tired.

To enjoy the World Cup, Anantara World Islands Dubai, and Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort offer comfortable leisure opportunities for you on the road to the football tournament.

Anantara – the epitome of legendary Thai hospitality 

Anantara-owned hotels are located in extraordinary and mysterious parts of the world. The Group owns 40 hotels in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Mozambique, Zambia, and Portugal, as well as on the Bali, Maldives, and Sri Lanka islands. Anantara is part of the DISCOVERY program.

Anantara World Islands Dubai – the pearl of the Persian Gulf 

On March 22, Anantara Hotels Resorts & Spas opened another hotel in Dubai to expand its presence in the Middle East. Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort is located on its own island just four kilometers into the Persian Gulf. From the hotel, the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa towers are visible like the palm of the hand. The archipelago of man-made islands is arranged to resemble a world map, so the addresses are named after artificial continents.

It takes only an hour to drive to the resort from Dubai airport. It takes 40 minutes from the airport to Palm Jumeirah, and from there Anantara World Islands is accessed by boat in just 20 minutes.

The resort’s 70 rooms, suites, and villas with a view of the Persian Gulf and heavenly garden will give you complete conform.

Along with football, rest for body and soul!

How about watching the grandiose sporting event in your room on the big screen with delicious food and drinks in front of you? Or you can watch Latin American-style tapas and original cocktails in the Luna lounge bar together with fans close to your soul and your team.

Sports competitions also inspire a person to do sports and do active exercises. You can get your body in shape right on this eve. The resort’s large gym offers training by professional trainers.

Those who can play football can arrange small championships. There are football and beach volleyball fields, and various water sports sites in the resort.

Vacation packages starting at $500 

The course of the championship cannot be known in advance. You never know how long your favorite team will compete at the tournament, which team will advance, and how long you will have to stay here. Therefore, the chance to change anytime with the Best Flexible Rate special offer will be an opportunity for you. Starting at $500 per night, the package includes:

- Suit, room, or villa accommodation;

- Breakfast included;

- Free cancelation of the reservation;

- Changing the check-out time if free rooms are available;

- SPA certificate worth $50 – if booked on anantara.com;

- Free Internet:

What awaits you at Anantara World Islands Dubai?

Eco Golf – is an opportunity not only to play golf but also to feed the ocean fish. The golf balls dissolve once in contact with water and release the fish food contained in them. The guests will be sure that they do not pollute the environment. Eco golfers will be able to relax by the pool under the morning sun, drink coconut cocktails, and watch the Burj Khalifa visible in the distance. Colorful peacocks roam the territory of the resort. By choosing an outdoor table, you will be able to observe them closely.

Anantara’s gastronomic adventure 

The hotel offers gastronomic adventure during the World Cup. You will taste the cuisines of Latin American and Arab countries. Anantara World Islands is the only hotel in Dubai that offers an opportunity to enjoy the chef's delicious food while relaxing in floating tents and HamacLand hammocks.

Mediterranean menu at Helios - tiger prawns, squid and lobster. Qamar restaurant offers an amazing array of Arabic and Indian dishes – kebabs, meat dishes, chicken wings, Arabic snacks, as well as hot and cold appetizers. The hotel offers guests to lunch in 7 different locations: in the restaurant, on the beach, in the flower gardens of the hotel, on the shore of the bay, in the villa, as well as in the tent with floating hammocks.

Dining by Design – a culinary journey 

Dining by Design offers guests a romantic dinner on the shores of the Persian Gulf or an open-air picnic in green and flowery gardens. You will enjoy a comprehensive menu of dishes from the cuisine of any country.

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort – overwater villas 

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort is another hotel owned by Anantara Hotels Resorts & Spas. This is the only hotel where people feel as if the plane has brought them to Thailand or the Maldives instead of Dubai. Enjoy the Maldives in Dubai here. White sand beach, overwater villas, sea view bedrooms and baths, Tuk Tuk kids club, and Thai cuisine are waiting for you.

With 293 rooms, 15 villages with private access to the beach and 18 overwater villages, the hotel is located on the beach of Palm Jumeirah, artificial offshore islands.

The Palm Dubai Resort is very close to the city center. It is the only hotel in Dubai with over-water villas. The hotel offers various sports and entertainment programs for family recreation.

The best restaurants in Dubai 

From Asian cuisine to Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine, Dubai's best restaurants are located in Palm Jumeirah. Enjoy our meals on the terrace, by the pool, or with a view of the Persian Gulf.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, European, Thai and national drinks, special private cocktails, and desserts - it will be like a journey to the world of fairy tales.

Anantara – the best SPA complex on the island 

The luxurious two-story Anantara Spa center has separate baths, massages, and spa rooms for men, women, and families.

Here you will enjoy the world's most professional, therapeutic, and relaxing massages, hot stone massage, ayurvedic procedures, steam, sauna, hydromassage, jacuzzi, and therapeutic baths.

By influencing the “Sen” energy lines with Thai healing methods and healing oils, stress and anxiety will disappear, and guests will get their minds and bodies completely relaxed.

Beach fun 

Guests can also enjoy a cruise journey, and visit the famous architectural sites in Dubai and all the important and major trade centers. The resort also offers an underwater walking tour. Water sports, attractions, yoga, walking on the island, and relaxing in the garden - will completely calm the body and soul. A 400-meter private beach is open to guests.

To learn more about the resort and its services ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, subscribe to the Telegram channel @anantaraworldislandsdubairesort.

For more information about Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, please visit http://www.anantara.com/  

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