Ahmad Ismayilov: Azerbaijani media prioritizes thwarting information attacks during upcoming presidential election

Thwarting information threats and preventing a vacuum of reliable and timely information is among the priorities of Azerbaijani media during the upcoming presidential election, said Ahmad Ismayilov, Executive Director of the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

He made the remarks at a meeting on equal campaigning options and the basics of the activities of media entities in the upcoming snap presidential election, News.Az reports.

"Anticipating big events in Azerbaijan, we have often witnessed an increase in the activities of groups contaminating Azerbaijan's information field and the activation of unprofessional and politicized elements aiming to negatively impact the country's image," Ismayilov said.

"The use of information and communication technologies for such objectives is deplorable, and it must be addressed. All attempts to confuse public opinion must be uncovered in a timely manner," he pointed out.

"Taking into account these factors, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev noted that "Azerbaijani journalists who have made a worthy contribution to the mobilization of our society for the sake of patriotism, national consciousness, and higher goals have to demonstrate their loyalty to these principles, uphold the interests of Azerbaijan's statehood at a time when campaigns based on fake and false information have intensified at the global level, and protect the right of our citizens to obtain complete and correct information. Journalists should continue to work with all their might for the progress of our society," Ismayilov reminded.

"We believe that Azerbaijani media, guided by these valuable recommendations from the head of the state, will once again demonstrate a high level of professionalism in covering the electoral process," he added.


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