Ambassador of Pakistan: Azerbaijan shows the clear position on the Kashmir issue (PHOTO)

"Just like in Pakistan, representatives of different religions live peacefully in Azerbaijan," said Pakistani Ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee, while speaking at the event marking the second anniversary of the abolition of the status of Jammu and Kashmir, News.Az reports.

The ambassador thanked Azerbaijan for support of Pakistan in the Kashmir issue and added: "Azerbaijan has given unwavering support. President Ilham Aliyev has clearly demonstrated his position on this issue." 

Bilal Hayee noted that in contrast to other countries, Azerbaijan does not apply double standards.

He also said that representatives of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will soon visit Azad Kashmir (Free Kashmir).

 "Pakistan would also like to ensure a visit to Jammu and Kashmir, but the Indian side does not allow independent journalists, representatives of international organizations and foreign observers there," the ambassador said.

Bilal Hayee said that the Kashmir issue has been brought up three times recently before international organizations: "The European Parliament has held hearings on the situation in Kashmir, and demands the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions. It is necessary to hold a referendum In the occupied provinces so that the people living there could vote in which state they want to live in. Pakistan will accept the results of the referendum in Jammu and Kashmir."

It should be noted that August 5, 2021, marks the second anniversary of the Indian government's unilateral actions in the internationally recognized disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan considers the August 5, 2019 actions to be a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolutions 91 and 122 and the Fourth Geneva Convention.


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