“ASAN xidmet” is an example of our intellectual products: Azerbaijani President

“The “ASAN xidmet” system is already very well known in the world as an Azerbaijani brand and is highly appreciated by the country's population. I must also note that the services provided at the “ASAN xidmet” centers are welcomed by the population and the approval rate of the service is 99.8 percent,” said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as he was interviewed by the Azerbaijan Television in the Salyan district, News.Az reports. 

The head of state pointed out that it is the 25th center of the “ASAN xidmet”, saying: “Over the last few years, that is, over 10 years, there have been 61 million applications. So the establishment of this service was actually created a revolution in the field of public services. It has been a turning point, and more than 300 services are provided there now. In other words, the “ASAN xidmet” is an example of our intellectual products. At the same time, we are already exporting intellectual products.”


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