At Global Baku Forum, Turkiye’s ex-FM stresses importance of education for democratic development

Countries around the world must focus on education in order to ensure the development of democracy, said former Turkish Foreign Minister Hikmet Ceting.

He made the remarks while speaking at a panel session on “Human Rights, Democracy and New Challenges in the 21st Century” held Saturday as part of the 9th Global Baku Forum themed “Challenges to the Global World Order,” News.Az reports.

Calling the current state of education on a global scale ‘unsatisfactory’, the former minister noted that there is a need for education with a secular scientific basis.

“Today, it is not enough to be a university graduate. Young people need to be educated on how to build democracy. Democracy is a culture. Therefore, in order to build a democratic country, it is necessary to have a culture based on it,” he added.


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