Azerbaijani serviceman held in Armenian captivity jailed for 20 years on fabricated charges

An Armenian court on Wednesday sentenced captured Azerbaijani soldier Huseyn Akhundov to 20 years in prison on fabricated charges, News.Az reports citing Armenian media.

The Azerbaijani military servicemen Agshin Babirov (born in 2004) and Huseyn Akhundov (born in 2003) went missing due to limited visibility under adverse weather conditions in the border area of the Shahbuz district of Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with Armenia on April 10.

On May 8, a court in Armenia passed "a verdict" against Babirov, jailing him for 11 years on fabricated charges.

Cases of physical abuse and brutal treatment against the abducted Huseyn Akhundov were in the videos circulated on social networks.

Relevant international agencies have been alerted about this case, which is just another incident of Armenian ethnic violence, Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement earlier.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres had also been informed that Armenia, contrary to international law, is holding captive the soldiers of the Azerbaijani army Agshin Babirov and Huseyn Akhundov.


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