Defense Ministry: Combat duty carried out at high level in liberated Azerbaijani territories (VIDEO)

Under the instructions of President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev, activities on comprehensive provision and improvement of the social and living conditions of Azerbaijan Army Units that are on combat duty in the liberated territories are being continued, the Defense Ministry told News.Az.

All necessary measures were taken to further improve the combat capability of military personnel serving 24 hours a day in severe climatic conditions and in areas with difficult terrain, as well as to maintain a high level of combat readiness.

The servicemen are provided with food and warm clothes in accordance with the norm. For the exemplary service of military personnel in units that are on combat duty, office premises in modular complexes are equipped with furniture, modern sanitary facilities, drying rooms, medical points, food warehouses for storing reserve food, bedding, kitchen equipment, and generators that provide an uninterrupted power supply.

The measures to constantly supply our servicemen with fresh and high-calorie food, as well as to organize social and living conditions and the troops' service at a high level continue in a planned manner.


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