Enrichment would have been impossible without JCPOA

Iran’s natural uranium stockpile was tapering and the country would not have been able to enrich any if the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) had not b

“We used to have 50 tons of yellow cake which would have been enough for three months as feed to Isfahan UF6 factory. If that finished, our entire centrifuges would have had to shut down because we did not have any natural uranium and centrifuges were unable to keep up,” he told the IRIB TV March 14, according to Trend.

The issue of tapering natural uranium resources could not have been revealed before this, the minister said, adding that the previous administration’s attempts to import yellow cake failed.

“Over the past 10 years we produced 10 to 20 tons of yellow cake,” Alavi said, adding, “Aware of this, the government seized the JCPOA and has so far bought 340 tons of yellow cake.”

The JCPOA, reached in 2015 and put to force in 2016, ended harsh economic sanctions on Iran in return for curbing the country’s nuclear program.


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