Expulsion of Azerbaijanis from Armenia is historical fact: Foreign Ministry

The expulsion of Azerbaijanis from Armenia is not only a historical fact, but also evidence that for the Armenian side, which both during the Soviet Armenia period and since the 1990s purposefully changed thousands of Azerbaijani toponyms, destroyed traces of Azerbaijan on the territory of Armenia, destroyed historical monuments, thereby carrying out “Armenization” of the historical lands of Azerbaijan, to present Azerbaijan's use of the term Western Azerbaijan Community as a violation of international law, is hypocrisy, said Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday, News.Az

The statement came after the groundless remarks voiced by Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan during July 27 press interview.

“The fact that Armenia, which has so far failed to comply with any agreements and obligations, accused Azerbaijan of denying alleged agreements is a step aimed at covering Armenia's own possible provocations. These destructive actions of Armenia must be condemned by the international community and prevented,” the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan noted.


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