Famous Italian "Mozzarella di buffalo" cheese to be produced in Azerbaijan`s Zangilan district

Famous Italian “Mozzarella di buffalo” cheese will be produced in the village of Aghali in Azerbaijan`s Zangilan district.

Project manager Giuseppe Grisolia said that the business idea was to build a fully equipped buffalo dairy farm in the strategic region or produce high-quality mozzarella, burrata and other buffalo cheeses.

“We bring our experience and knowledge to the production process. We will go through a full training course after setting up a dairy farm. Thanks to this training, first-generation skilled cheese makers will be trained in Azerbaijan,” he said.

Giuseppe Grisolia underlined that his main goal is to create a high-quality dairy sector in Azerbaijan. “We want Azerbaijan to be a producer of perfect “mozzarella di buffalo” cheeses like Italy. We will do our best with our Azerbaijani friends," he added.


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