Kremlin: Next round of Russia-US talks to be on the table after Vienna, Brussels

The question regarding an agreement for the next round of negotiations with the US on security guarantees will be relevant after the meetings in Vienna and Brussels, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists Tuesday, News.Az reports citing TASS. 

The spokesman pointed to the yesterday’s round of Russia-US consultations in Geneva, saying that it "has provided the main cross-section of the picture, but it is not full yet."

"It will be complemented just in a few days, and, after that, it would be possible to somehow understand, in which way to go and whether there would be any sense [in doing that]," Peskov said.

When asked about the perspectives of the next round of Russia-US talks, he underscored that "everything will become clear once the next two rounds [in Vienna and Brussels] are over."

According to the spokesman, there are no "specific deadlines" in the dialogue with Washington.

"There is only Russia’s position that an endless delaying of this process will be completely unacceptable for us," he concluded.

On January 10, Russia and the US held talks on security guarantees in Geneva. On January 12, Russia will discuss its security concerns and projects on security guarantees at the Russia-NATO Council in Brussels. On January 13, a similar meeting will take place at the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna.


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