Markov on Lavrov's visit to Baku: Russia proposes a way to solve humanitarian problems unilaterally

The main purpose of the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Baku and Yerevan is to give impetus to the implementation of the agreements of November 10, and above all, to the unblocking.

Sergey Markov, Russian political analyst and director of the Center for Political Studies made the due remark in a conversation with News.Az.

He added that Yerevan's position is the main obstacle in the matter.  

"From what Lavrov said, it is clear that Russia proposes a way of solving humanitarian problems, which lies in the fact that the solutions should be unilateral on each side. This is an exchange of prisoners, bodies of the dead, as well as the transfer of a map of minefields," he said.

He also noted that although it is difficult to say for sure whether there will be progress on the Zangezur corridor in the near future or not, its implementation is important not only for Azerbaijan but for all the countries in the region.


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