Nikol Pashinyan needs the Lebanese in Karabakh to present them as "the population of the NKR" - Russian analyst

Armenia's denial in the European structures of the official facts of the settlement of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan by Lebanese Armenians is a consequence of the goals that Yerevan seeks to achieve with this settlement.

Andrey Petrov, Deputy Director-General of the Russian information-analytical agency "Vestnik Kavkaza" expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az

He was commenting on the Armenian delegates' denial of the fact of illegal settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh by Lebanese Armenians in the discussions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

“Nikol Pashinyan needs the Lebanese in Karabakh in order to present them as part of the "citizens of the NKR ”and thereby create the illusion that there is someone living on these ruined and deserted lands, who, according to the Armenian authorities, are guarded by the occupation troops. Pashinyan is known for his claim that Azerbaijan seeks to return the territories, not the people - but in fact, even in Karabakh there was almost no one left except the Armenian army, and in order to somehow compensate for this, the Prime Minister of Armenia is trying to settle there at least people which have no other choice,' the analyst is sure.

In the expert's opinion, in order to present the Lebanese Armenians as "the population of NKR," Yerevan requires that the resettlement is carried out invisibly, and no one can determine whether they are indigenous Karabakh population or foreigners who illegally emigrated to Azerbaijani lands.

"That is why Armenian deputies in PACE deny the facts. Of course, here we are dealing with the inconsistency of the policy of Yerevan when resettlement begins openly, and then, when everyone already knows about it, is classified, but this is the situation in the Armenian establishment today, critically underestimating international platforms and in general, everything that goes beyond the Republic of Armenia," he noted.

А. Petrov also stresses that now this denial of facts can, at most, delay the process of proving the criminal activity of Yerevan in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan, but it is unlikely to help Pashinyan correct his next foreign policy mistake.


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