Reality and future of IT in Azerbaijan: exploring personalities

Reality and future of IT in Azerbaijan: exploring personalities

Since the 90s, one of the main issues facing independent Azerbaijan has been the creation of future-oriented “human capital”. 30 years later, today, the presence of qualified, creative, and professional personnel in many fields in Azerbaijan gives us a chance to say that this task has been successfully performed during this period.

Nowadays, the development process of the business environment and IT sector is being observed in Azerbaijan. In recent years, the increase in investment in these areas and the formation of personnel potential indicate the current trend to become stronger. The main factor driving this process and forming the basis of personnel potential is young personnel, professional specialists, and entrepreneurs educated abroad.

Ilham Naghiyev and his activities in the field of business and IT became a part of the current development process in Azerbaijan. Ilham Naghiyev is one of the young and innovative entrepreneurs involved in the activities aimed at the formation of the IT ecosystem in Azerbaijan and adaptation of this field to foreign experience.

Ilham Naghiyev studied business management at London SOAS University (2005-2006) and London City University (2006-2009) and successfully applies the knowledge and skills he gained in the business environment. Since 2021, he has been studying at the “TRIUM Executive MBA” master’s joint program of several prestigious European universities.

Ilham Naghiyev’s position based on innovative and international experience is directly related to his new approach to business. Coordinating the business environment and the IT sector and determining the joint development trends of both areas form the basis of this new approach.

The dynamic and developing world is hard to imagine without technological development. IT innovations, which play a leading role in many fields from medicine to education, now occupy a dominant position in the field of business. Realizing this process, especially accelerated by the Covid-2019 coronavirus pandemic, and adapting to it in time is the main key point.

In this regard, Ilham Naghiyev is the author of several articles in which he analyzes modern trends related to business and IT. His articles published in foreign and local media have an important position in the integration of the business environment into the IT field in Azerbaijan. In his articles, Ilham Naghiyev emphasizes the importance of determining further IT trends in advance and creating the necessary infrastructure in this field on time. He believes that “it is hard to say what opportunities the future will provide for humanity, however, the more important thing is to be able to become a part of this future.”

Given that Azerbaijan has great potential both in the field of business and IT, it becomes clear that Ilham Naghiyev’s approach is noteworthy for Azerbaijan. He suggests that the monitoring of new IT trends should be assessed not only from the business point of view but also from the interests of Azerbaijan.

Today, the level of competition is changing and global politics is tending to the virtual space more. In order to be represented in this new reality, to successfully secure one’s interests and become a part of the global world, there is a need for thorough activities in the field of technology. Ilham Naghiyev calls the innovations in the IT field “the key to the future” and emphasizes the importance of Azerbaijan positioning in this market and integrating it into the global information space.

Ilham Naghiyev is also one of the main supporters of practical activities in the field of IT in Azerbaijan. Therefore Ilham Naghiyev is among the people successfully implementing the local introduction of international experience in the IT-business sector in Azerbaijan.

The innovations based on advanced IT technologies proposed by Ilham Naghiyev for the business environment of Azerbaijan have been successfully and practically realized in a short period. For example, the development of various medical applications, the successful application of IT-related activities and innovations in different fields. The results obtained in the field of formation of the initial IT ecosystem in Azerbaijan show that the real analyzes and strategic goals mentioned by Ilham Naghiyev are properly defined.

Ilham Naghiyev strives to merge business with the IT field, to identify innovations and future trends and continues his activities in these fields. His belief in the “specialization in specific fields can be a factor to strengthen the role of Azerbaijan in the world IT market” is a messenger of the forthcoming success of IT sector of Azerbaijan. 

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