Russian analyst: With provocations in Nakhchivan and Kalbajar, Armenia unequivocally stated that it is not in control of itself

In my opinion, after Nikol Pashinyan's speech in the government today, the goal of provocations at first in Nakhchivan, and then in Kalbajar became clear: Pashinyan wants to fully transfer the responsibility for the delimitation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border to Russia.

Andrey Petrov, a senior analyst at Vestnik Kavkaza, expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az.

Apparently, the expert said, the closed negotiations between Baku, Moscow, and Yerevan on the establishment of the border have reached some results, but the acting PM of Armenia wants to wash his hands of it in his characteristic style so that then his opponents could not reproach him for "defeatism" and "concessions".

"For this purpose, Yerevan has organized provocations at various sections of the border to show everyone that Armenia alone cannot have contacts with Azerbaijan and needs a mediator. Today, Pashinyan directly proposed that Russian border guards should be deployed on the still undelimited border (of course, from the Armenian side) to participate in determining where the Armenian-Azerbaijani borders will be established after all," he said.

"It is worth expecting that such a measure will have a positive impact on post-war processes. It is as if Armenia is asking Russia to restrain its ally's aggressive urge, and indeed, Moscow will not allow shooting at Azerbaijani positions over the heads of Russian border guards. With Russia, which is not interested in pandering to the occupation hopes of Yerevan, it will be much easier for Azerbaijan to delimit and demarcate the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, there will be no more fights and even more shootings between the militaries of the two countries, as long as they are separated by the Russian FSB border service. And as a result, the delimitation will be carried out in an expedited manner," Petrov added.

According to Petrov, the appearance of Russian border guards will also create conditions for the implementation of point 9 of the November Statement, because they will be deployed at the points where the Zangezur corridor passes from the western regions of Azerbaijan through Armenia to Nakhchivan, both at Zangilan and Nakhchivan. It only remains to connect these points also under the control of the Russian Federal Security Service, and the transport communication with NAR will be unblocked.

"In fact, having committed provocations at Nakhchivan and Kalbajar, Armenia stated publicly that it is not in control and will continue to attack Azerbaijan unless someone starts to restrain it. Today, Pashinyan suggested that Russia do it. If Russia agrees, then in the coming years Azerbaijan will have to deal on the border not with yesterday's enemy, but with a strategic partner with whom it has a full understanding," he concluded.


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