SCC: Reports about mass brawl and beating of a customs official are untrue

The State Customs Committee (SCC) clarified the reports about brawl and beating of one of the customs officers at the post “Sinig Korpu” spread in some mass med

“Today, in a number of mass media, an untrue message has spread that at the customs post “Sinig Korpu”, located on the border with Georgia, there was allegedly a mass brawl, during which one of customs officers”.

The SCC notes that there is no “dispatcher” post at the post "Sinig Korpu", and there is no employee named Rashad Musayev. During the day, there were no incidents at the post, the post continues to function in the daily routine.

“The SCC again calls upon the media structures and journalists to be cautious when publishing reports about the committee, its employees and activities, refrain from disseminating the unspecified information”, - report says.

It should be noted that today in a number of mass media information has spread that a mass brawl has allegedly taken place at the customs post “Sinig Korpu”, during which the “dispatcher” of the post Tural Musayev wounded.



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