Supermoon was observed today

The supermoon was observed today, reports.

This is the 2nd Super Moon of 2022. The 1st Super Moon occurred on June 14, when the distance to the Moon was 357,433 km.

Today also marks two important astronomical events related to the Moon: the perigee and the Full Moon.

Perigee occurred at 13:09 Baku time. The Moon will come as close as 357,263 km to the Earth and the apparent diameter of the Moon will be 33 minutes and 27 seconds. The full Moon appeared at 22:38 Baku time. It will be possible to observe the Super Moon event throughout the night from the territory of Azerbaijan.

Note that the last giant Super Moon happened on November 14, 2016 at 16:54. At that time, the distance to the Moon was 356,511 km. After that, the next giant Super Moon will happen again after 28 years. The last time the Moon came closest to the Earth was in 1948. At that time, the distance to the Moon was 356,461 km.

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